SWAY /SWEI/ Verb: ‘Control or influence (a person or course of action).’


Sway-it is about creative ownership, ‘colouring outside the lines’. About challenging the norm and thinking outside the box. Finding means to your end through best practices, our network of great people and IT. 

Any business faces legal and compliance requirements. Sometimes even referred to as ‘necessary evil’. We are about getting this done the smart way. With minimum effort so that focus can be on doing some actual business. The good stuff. The stuff that gives us energy and joy. Unconventional? Probably yes. Effective? You do the math.

A concrete outcome of our philosophy is a cloud based solution called BzCtrl. (Pronounced as ‘Bizz Control’). This product brings together businesses and matter experts by offering an online platform and infrastructure, to share best practices and content. 

We could take the honour, but we have to give credit where credit’s due. That is with our customers. We have merely been the facilitator in creating functionality directed by who we call our Community. And the best part is, we still progress every day in creating new functionality using the newest technologies out there.